Holistic Trauma Healing Services​

Experience the release of pain and trauma

A healing session with Christine can give you a simple and gentle experience that can release your anxiety, depression, OCD or anything else arising from past unresolved emotional trauma. Finally become more relaxed, joyful, and at peace with yourself.

“Christine is one of the most empathetic and compassionate healing practitioners I have met; she made sure I felt safe and allowed me to go as deep as I was comfortable. I shed several layers of fear; Christine is highly experienced and has a deep toolkit. I highly recommend her!”
Sharon S.
Sedona Arizona
Tangible Benefits of Energy Healing Sessions:
  • Significantly reduced levels of stress & anxiety
  • A sense of clarity and perspective on your current situation
  • Release of deeply suppressed emotional & physical trauma
  • Increased levels of energy 
  • More joyful and hopeful mood/mindset
  • An improved overall feeling of health and well being
  • Experience feelings of deep calm and relaxation

Christine shares her thoughts about healing your childhood wounds or trauma

Holistic Energy Healing Services

  • Trauma release work for healing from a narcissistic relationship
  • Energy healing for sadness, depression, anxiety, and PTSD
  • Trauma release therapy for sexual trauma
  • Energy release and sexual cord cutting from a past lover or spouse
  • Energy healing session to release grief and trauma from the death of a loved one

All sessions are online and last 60 minutes. 

Preparing for your session: Once you have booked and paid for your session, you will be sent an intake form that must be filled out and sent back to Christine 48 hours prior to your session.   

Investing in your session: The fee for a one-hour session with Christine is $250. 

There is no charge for rescheduling prior to the appointment. However, there is a $50 charge for missed appointments.