What people are saying about Christine's help...

"Christine is a hidden jewel that will transform your life. I see her as the holistic, female, and nurturing version of the great Tony Robbins. When you have a session with Christine and walk in frustrated, sad, deflated, insecure or at the end of your rope, don’t expect ANYTHING other than to walk out feeling excited, received, cleansed, and motivated! You will truly be transformed in a way that you never have experienced before."
Kim S.
Seattle, WA
“I worked with Christine Lake around issues of PTSD. She is one of the most empathetic and compassionate healing practitioners I have met; she made sure I felt safe and allowed me to go as deep as I was comfortable. I shed several layers of fear; Christine is highly experienced and has a deep toolkit. I highly recommend her!”
Sharon S.
Sedona, AZ
“Christine is extremely gifted as an EFT practitioner and one would be lucky to have a session with her.” ​
Lisa Z.
Stonington, ME
“Christine asked me some raw questions. We dug deep together and uncovered a painful triangle of shame, betrayal, and sadness in my neck that has been causing me a lot of pain. Christine's energy, voice, and method of teaching EFT had me crying tears of release within minutes.

One session and so much was cleared, shifted, and released. Christine is an intuitive healer and her healing talents are a gift to all who work with her. Thank you, Christine.”
Jenna K.
Woodstock, NY
"The passion, emotion, and inner drive that was revealed during my session with Christine were nothing short of remarkable. She identified suppressed feelings from past experiences that even I didn't know existed. Once the release began, I could physically feel myself letting go. I could feel all of the energy that was being used for these negative, suppressed feelings completely shift towards the positive, reinforcing goal almost as if my body was floating in a very content and calming way. She has an amazing gift and I am glad I am able to be on the receiving end. Thank you, Christine!"
Jillian N.
Scottsdale, AZ
“I just completed a session with Christine to release thoughts, ideas, and/or beliefs I had in place that were blocking me from moving forward in my life.

I feel free and amazing. I have greater clarity on what steps to take next. Thank you for everything Christine. I hope this is worthy of your work.”
Vivian S.
Pine, AZ
"I was a little skeptical in the beginning because I wasn't too sure exactly how it was going to work. Nonetheless, Christine was very communicative and walked me through everything. The session was very relaxing and helped me release energy I've been holding onto for a while. I was really surprised at the information uncovered because I was totally unaware of it and probably wouldn't have known if I didn't have a session.

Once I was done, I felt more at peace with myself. The energy that I have been subconsciously holding was released and I have a better understanding of what barriers I held onto. Time went by so fast! Over an hour felt like thirty minutes. I would highly recommend working with Christine."
Garrett V.
Los Angeles, CA
"As someone who has gone through the process and has realized the immediate benefit of Christine’s work. I can with confidence recommend this program to anyone with an open mind looking to explore at deeper level patterns developed at an early age that has without our knowing kept us from reaching our full financial potential.”
Karl S.
San Diego, CA