About Us​

Christine Regan Lake is an author, artist, narcissistic abuse healer, and seasoned business professional with experience in all aspects of business, management, marketing, advertising, and strategic planning.

Prior to embracing her passion for emotional healing work, Christine co-founded Redlake Marketing with her ex-husband, where she developed award-winning marketing campaigns for a diverse client base. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Ramapo College of New Jersey, and she is a veteran of the United States Army Military Intelligence Reserve Corps.

She is a passionate proponent of self-development and alternative healing and has studied extensively with a variety of peak performance coaches and trainers over the past twenty years including; Tony Robbins, Robert Kyosaki, T. Harv Ecker, John Maxwell, Jack Canfield, and The Dale Carnegie Institute.

She is a graduate of The Hippocrates Institute Life Change Program which is a comprehensive program covering anatomy, natural healing, and raw food living.

Christine has been an EFT and energy practitioner for over 15 years and has conducted hundreds of live, one-on-one EFT sessions, as well as both live and virtual group EFT tapping and energy sessions addressing such issues as; anxiety, depression, insomnia, PTSD, money trauma, and weight issues, to name a few.

narcissistic abuse


She is the author of two self-care books; “My Body Cleanse” which educates people about nutritional cleansing and how to rejuvenate the body with enzymatically live foods and “Circle of Healing for Women” which is a short book of prose about the 4 stages of healing. 

“Circle of Healing For Women” was written based on the healing journey Christine took in her own life to address and heal past emotional trauma. 

“My Body Cleanse” is for the person who wants to take control of their health and empower themselves to create the body that they have always desired, one free of aches, pains and dis-ease. 

One of the most important lessons she learned along this journey is that NO ONE will care more about your body than YOU! No matter how many degrees they may have on their wall or initials at the end of their name, you are the only one who has to LIVE in YOUR BODY. You are the one that has to live with the pain if your medications are slowly eating away at your bones, destroying your liver, causing blindness or hearing loss, or whatever other problem arises from the ‘cure’ that you have been handed in a bottle or that has been thrust upon you in an operating room.

World Travel

In 1995, she was selected to be a Goodwill Ambassador to India for Rotary International, where she traveled to India for 5 weeks and visited 15 cities while meeting with business leaders, government agencies, industrial organizations, and educational institutions in an effort to foster understanding and improve business relations. 

Christine is a passionate world traveler whose adventures have taken her from snorkeling the coral reefs of uninhabited islands off the coast of Fiji to hiking into the Yanshan Mountain Ranges and then walking back down into civilization atop the Great Wall of China to trekking in the Himalayas with a Canadian trekking team to Base Camp on Mount Everest as well as a National Geographic expedition to Antarctica which was the inspiration for her beloved painting “Anika.” 


Christine has long embraced her role as a global citizen and contributed both her time and money to causes that she is passionate about. For over fifteen years she actively supported and engaged in the human rights efforts of Equality Now, an organization dedicated to ending violence and discrimination against girls and women around the world. 

Christine’s passion for lifelong learning has blessed her with a unique journey that has sculpted her as a woman, mother, artist, writer, entrepreneur, and activist.