Your Life After Divorce

Life can be challenging.

But life after divorce can be scary — even terrifying. The life you had is no more and your future life is not yet charted. You are in that nether region of…

… Who am I now? What do I want? Where am I going? And, how am I going to get there?

Divorce is a traumatic experience for many women. In 2015, The American Sociological Association (ASA) discovered in their research that nearly 70 percent of all divorces are initiated by women, and with college-educated women that number jumps to 90%. That’s a sad and sobering statistic.

For some women, their entire identities have suddenly evaporated, their children are raised and have moved out, their marriage is over, and their future is completely uncertain.

“You can feel like a tiny boat in the middle of a vast ocean
in the midst of a terrible storm without an anchor.”
– Christine Regan Lake

My name is Christine Regan Lake and I help women heal and rebuild themselves emotionally, physically, and financially after divorce — so they can create a solid foundation for their future to build the life they desire and deserve.

The proprietary process that I use can help you with a multitude of emotional and physical symptoms including Anxiety, Grief/Loss, Depression, Fear, PTSD, Feeling Stuck, insomnia, Chronic Pain, Headaches, and Phobias.

I have been an energy healer for 15 years and have studied with peak performance trainers such as Tony Robbins, T. Harv Eker, Robert Kyosaki, Jack Canfield, and the Dale Carnegie Institute to understand human psychology and the negative impact of unconscious patterns and belief systems and how they directly impact your life — which enables me to help my clients to achieve profound results.

I specialize in helping women to release blockages that are caused by emotional traumas, experiences, and memories that are literally locked into their bodies and nervous system.

My sessions allow my clients to release this stuck trauma to allow them to move forward healthfully to build the life they dream of. I provide healing sessions for clients who are ready to heal the past so they can healthfully begin to rebuild their emotional, physical and financial foundation