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What is Moral Courage?

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Christine Regan Lake

Moral courage is looking your boss in the eyes and saying “I’m not going to do that because it is wrong.”

Moral courage is speaking and treating the father or mother of your children with love, respect and compassion at all times, even when you are angry, hurt or frustrated because they are a human being that deserves respect. Because it is the right thing to do. Because if you DON’T you will be emotionally harming your children. When children see their parents treat each other with disrespect… They learn unconsciously that it is ACCEPTABLE to treat those that they love with disrespect and they learn that it is ACCEPTABLE to allow themselves to be disrespected. 

Moral courage is saying “No, I’m sorry that doesn’t work for me” to family, friends or colleagues when they are making a request of you that ‘doesn’t work for you.” It’s about being able to say NO when it’s NO instead of sucking it up and just saying YES to keep the peace. 

Moral courage is looking yourself in the mirror and saying… “I’m going to stop lying to myself and come clean about everything that doesn’t work in my life any more.”

Moral courage is calling your friends, family, or colleagues out when they are doing or saying something that you know is unethical, unkind, or illegal regardless of the consequences to the relationship. 

Moral courage is having integrity in your words, thoughts and actions. 

Moral courage is sticking up for those who are too fragile or too timid to stick up for themselves. 

Moral courage is standing up to bullies wherever they may be… on the playground, in our government offices, in our churches, temples, or synagogues, in our communities or in the workplace. 

Moral courage is standing up and speaking out whenever you see injustice because it is the right thing to do, even when you know it may make people uncomfortable or piss them off. 

Moral courage is about doing what’s right because it’s right and for no other reason. 

Moral courage is putting your money where your values are and refusing to support those corporations or institutions that violate the rights of others and who put profits before human life. 

Moral courage is about putting your time where your mouth is by volunteering for issues that you say are important to you.

Moral courage is about getting out of that chair and stop being a Monday-Morning-Quarterback ranting about “what should have or could have been done” in this situation or that situation and diving into the trenches of a cause that is important to you. 

Moral courage is about writing a letter or making a phone call and making a stand and saying…. “My name is “….” and what you are doing is wrong.” 

Moral courage is what is needed in this world, now more than ever, if we are to create a world that is safe for all people to live in. 

Moral courage is humanity’s white knight in shining armor. 

So, dear friends…. who is ready to SUIT UP?…
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