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In this article we will be exploring; self-care habits after a narcissistic break up, why you must embrace self-care when you are healing, and how you can learn to develop healthier boundaries moving forward in your relationships. 

Remember, self-care is self-love.  

When you have finally ended an unhealthy relationship you can feel pretty beat up. After months or years of emotional and mental abuse and living in survival mode, your body, mind, and spirit can be deeply depleted. This is why it is so important to make time for healing and rebuilding yourself emotionaly, physically, mentally, and spiritually. I know that life can be so busy and you put yourself on the back burner so many times putting other people’s needs above your own, but now is the time to prioritize yourself. And, don’t feel as though you are being selfish, you’re not. Your being self loving. 

10 Self-Care Habits

           You want to make sure to rebuild and fortify your body. I highly suggest taking some powerful adaptogens to                support your body in rebuilding itself, as well as to integrate celtic sea salt or himalayan sea salt as they are                  packed full of minerals.  And, start taking a high quality protein within an hour of waking up. The links I                        shared are two powerful products that I have used for over 15 years to help me to continually nourish my                      body. 

            Once you’ve started to put higher quality food in your body to fuel your new and improved self, now it’s time                to get moving. Pick your pleasure whether it’s walking, biking, surfing, karate, or yoga. You just want to get                  your beautiful body moving. You want to build both your legs and lungs! The vision should be to embody                     divine radiant health. Let your body thrive at the highest level as God intended. 


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