Money Mindset Mastery

​​A comprehensive course for mastering how you think and act regarding money, career, and finances

Build a solid foundation for your future that will enable you to reach the level of financial stability and security you have always craved... you can live a more joyful life of abundance and freedom

Money is one of those messy and uncomfortable topics to talk about.

It’s a highly charged and emotional subject for so many people because it brings up feelings of guilt or regrets about overspending, irresponsible money management, bad investments, or poor financial planning.

Or, maybe you’re flooded with shame because you’ve never really maximized your earning potential like you always thought you would because of your fears, self-doubts, low self-esteem, procrastination, or self-sabotage.

For others, it’s literally about experiencing financial PTSD, a disorder discovered in a study by Dr. Galen Buckwalter. Financial PTSD is a state where a person is traumatized and experiencing PTSD like symptoms from living in an intense and prolonged state of financial distress from not having enough money to cover their expenses.

A recent study showed that 1 out of every 4 adults is experiencing financial PTSD —  24% of all adults and 36% of all Millenials. US consumer research statistics show that the average consumer debt is $92,727. That’s insane! 

The study also found that this financial stress was one of the leading causes of divorce….

It’s hard to keep the love and passion alive when you are constantly fighting about money.

Debt is about impulse control issues — an inability to hold yourself to a budget and live within your means. And, overspending with compulsive shopping is about distracting yourself from your treadmill life to give you a little hit-of-happiness

What you need to understand is that you have negative emotional anchors (trauma) in your body and nervous system with respect to money that is directly influencing your thoughts, beliefs, and actions around your relationship with your money, career, and finances. 

Many of these energetic imprints were anchored into your nervous system in your childhood and you don’t even realize it. You have an invisible wall standing between you and the financial life you dream about having.

If you want to tear down that wall and dramatically change your relationship with money, so that you can expand your financial horizons, increase your income…

…learn to save more, spend less, and create the kind of healthy habits that can ultimately set you up for financial wealth — you must energetically release those anchors so you can re-program your body, mind, and spirit for greater abundance.

In Christine’s new course, she’ll guide you through a process to help you release those negative anchors and reprogram your subconscious mind for abundance consciousness so you can uplevel your financial life to what you desire and deserve.

Christine created this course after having worked through many of these exact challenges after her divorce, and she’s gone on to help many of her clients who struggle in the areas of financial PTSD, money worship, trauma debt, overspending, money hoarding, money avoidance, and financial enmeshment, to name a few.

“Your energetic body drives your bank account. if your body is emotionally, physically, and spiritually depleted because you are in constant fight, flight or freeze whenever you think about money,
your finances are going to suffer.”

-Christine Regan Lake

Christine’s comprehensive program will walk you through step-by-step what you need to do to clear your negative thoughts, fears, and cellular memories so you can heal your relationship with money.   

Watch these three videos to understand the connection between
your finances and your emotional state:

In this course you’ll:

  • Learn an energy release process that you will be able to do yourself for whenever you get triggered in fear or anxiety
  • Explore the roots of your early beliefs around money, career, and finances
  • Gain a greater understanding of the true wealth building habits that will help you create a new foundation for financial security
  • You’ll expand your beliefs about what level of income you are capable of manifesting 

The Connection Between Financial Anxiety, Depression, and Debt.

Learn About Trauma Debt

Unpaid Debt and Spiritual Consequences

Module 1: What is your money blueprint?

You’ll explore your personal money blueprintThis blueprint was created in your childhood and is the driving force of your financial life. The thoughts and beliefs that you hold in your subconscious are what cause you to make the decisions that you make even if those actions go against what is best for you – such as leasing that $70,000 car you ‘just had to have. Unlocking your subconscious beliefs is the first step in healing your relationship with money. 

In this module, you’ll: 

  • Explore the concept that money is the root of all evil – or is it?
  • Engage in an exercise to test your level of financial consciousness and accountability
  • Discover your greatest fears around money
  • Take a money assessment test to understand where you stand in your money mindset

Module 2: Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

You’ll learn about a powerful, yet simple technique that will empower you to be able take control of your thoughts, fears, anxieties and allow you to reprogram your brain to a healthier money blueprint — Emotional Freedom Technique EFT which was created by Gary Craig, a Stanford engineer with a passion for psychology and chinese medicine. And, you’ll explore the influence your mid-brain or limbic system has on the sculpting of your financial experiences. 

In this module, you’ll: 

  • Discover that EFT combines elements of cognitive restructuring and exposure techniques with acupoint stimulation
  • See the practical application of EFT in your every day life
  • Learn how traditional Chinese medicine practices, such as acupressure and acupuncture directly influenced the development of EFT 
  • Learn how to practice EFT to empower you to make positive changes in your life

Module 3: Core Belief Blueprints

You’ll discover that your Core Belief-Blueprint is a belief that you hold to be true about yourself and the world around you. Your Blueprint maps out how you see the world–in this case, the world of money. The foundation of that map was created by you in your childhood from emotionally charged experiences. These are events that made a big impression on you that you’ve long since forgotten. 

In this module, you’ll: 

  • Discover what it means to have a Failure Blueprint and how that drives your thoughts, words, and actions — or non-action
  • Explore the tenets of the Perfectionist Blueprint and how that negatively impacts your productivity
  • Learn about the Victim Blueprint and how that makes you fundamentally believe that you lack the power and ability to change your situation
  • Dive into the foundations of the Co-Dependent Blueprint where you believe you can’t get by without the constant support of others; your family, lover, spouse, and friends

Module 4: The 12 Most Common Money Dysfunctions

Money dysfunctions are destructive patterns of financial behaviors. Those behaviors lead to stress and will keep you from earning as much money as you desire. It really comes down to not thinking clearly and rationally about your money.

These money dysfunctions are the rotten fruit from a tree whose roots are formed by the previous module’s incorrect Blueprints, and they fall into three broad categories we’re labeling, Money Avoidance, Money WorshipingRelational Money Issues. 

In this module, you’ll: 

  • Learn that financial denial is when you refuse to look at your financial situation fully and directly
  • Discover that people with financial rejection tend to have low self-worth and self-esteem
  • Explore why underspenders don’t have the ability to enjoy spending it rationally 
  • Learn why people with Excessive Risk Avoidance become triggered into anxiety whenever they are forced to spend money

Module 5: Becoming Clear on Your Finances

This module enables you to gain clarity on your financial life. No matter what you wish to accomplish, whether it’s professional skills, athletic skills, relationships, or financial abundance, achieving success requires being clear on both your current state and your objective. You can’t arrive at your destination if you don’t know your starting point or destination.

In this module, you’ll: 

  • Get a deeper understanding of your financial foundation with the Financial Wheel 
  • Take accountability on the distribution of your financial assets and investments 
  • You’ll brainstorm new avenues for income creation 
  • Evaluate your level of passion for your current job or business 

Module 6: Putting Your Financial House in Order

If your financial “house” is out of order, you know it. The most telling indication of a problem is stress over money. Stress comes to us for many reasons. It is an automatic response to a problem. It’s like pain in your elbow. That pain is telling you there is something needing attention in your elbow.

One of the most significant causes of stress is lack of money. Unfortunately, the majority of people worry about their financial situation on a daily basis. Money stress can cause physical illness, arguments with loved ones, and low self-esteem

In this module, you’ll: 

  • Explore the value of creating your financial plan and take steps to implement it 
  • Dive deep on discovering one core belief that if you could change could shift your entire life
  • Brainstorm ways to create additional and passive streams of income
  • Participate in a visioning exercise to visualize a new financial stretch-goal

Module 7: Money and Freedom

In this module you’ll learn about Abraham Maslow who was an American psychologist who developed the idea of there being levels, or a hierarchy, of human needs. To his credit, Maslow focused on the positive aspects of Man rather than the abnormal aspects over which most psychologists of his time obsessed.

Maslow believed that there are 5 levels that start at the bottom with physiological needs like air, food and water, which rise all the way up to Self-Actualization which is the attainment of achieving one’s full potential. 

In this module, you’ll: 

  • Learn about the Hierarchy of Money and why all money is not created equal
  • Discover the difference between earned money from wages compared to income from profits as a business owner
  • Define the newfound vision you want for your upleveled financial future
  • Explore your greatest fear of embracing a new entrepreneurial endeavor
“I’ve done tens of thousands of dollars of self-help work including Landmark Education, NLP, BPI and sometimes it just feels like I’ll go AWOL. But in one session, Christine found incredible, empowering shifts for items I’ve been unable to transform in over 15 years."
Mark L.
Inglewood, CA
"Once I was done, I felt more at peace with myself. The energy that I have been subconsciously holding was released and I have a better understanding of what barriers I held onto. Time went by so fast! Over an hour felt like thirty minutes. I would highly recommend working with Christine."
Garrett V.
Los Angeles, CA
"As someone who has gone through the process and has realized the immediate benefit of Christine’s work. I can with confidence recommend this program to anyone with an open mind looking to explore at deeper level patterns developed at an early age that has without our knowing kept us from reaching our full financial potential.”
Karl S.
San Diego, CA

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  • 10 Core Belief Blueprints and exercises
  • 10 Money Blueprint videos
  • Self-Discipline Superpower eBook
  • Household Budget Manual eBook
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  • 125-page digital or print workbook
  • EFT tapping scripts
  • 10 EFT tapping scripts
  • 10 Money Blueprint videos
  • 10 Core Belief Blueprints and exercises
  • Self-Discipline Superpower eBook
  • Household Budget Manual eBook
  • Money Chakra Secrets eBook

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